Come, Follow Me 

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For parents with little ones.

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1. We design them

Thoughtfully designed to be simple, clean and easy to read at a glance. 

2. We print them

Chosen for its esthetic and sustainability, our posters are printed on eco-friendly newspaper. 

3. We put them in your mailbox

You get a poster for each lesson of the month in your mailbox.  All you have to do is hang it in a helpful place. 

"Remember that discipleship is not about doing things perfectly; it's about doing things intentionally."

-President Dieter F. Uchtdorf


"I absolutely love these in my home. I don't have a ton of churchy photos. So I love having these prints that help give us something small to talk about. Especially when we have had a busy week and i haven't studied I can look at the wall and we can talk about a short and sweet message." 

-Tanae N.

"I get excited about unique products from small businesses. These posters from Your House Press are brilliant and have added a lot to our home."

-Tyson O. 

"I love having the Come, Follow Me posters by our table! Not only are they designed well but our family is able to talk about them at dinner and have our lesson around our table every week. It totally helps our kids be way more attentive!" 

-Abby P.


What kind of paper are the posters printed on?

Printed on solvent-free, sustainable newspaper. We chose it for the retro and stylish look and feel. We love the off-white and not-quite-so-black look.

Which Come, Follow Me manual do you get your information from?

The current Come, Follow Me--for Primary manual by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints

Who are your posters made for?

Families with young children as they are made with information from the Come, Follow Me--for Primary manual. But anyone can use them. 

What if my posters are damaged or late?

If your posters have arrived damaged we will send you a new set or refund you if they are too late to use. Please contact us at ASAP if either of these issues occur. A picture is always appreciated for us to report to our shipper. NOTE: As this is essentially a newspaper subscription and your posters ship as such, some wrinkles are to be expected. 

How is it shipped?

It is shipped as a traditional newspaper with no extra packaging or tracking.

How often will I receive posters?

We will have your posters to you before the lesson for the month begins.  

When can I expect to be charged each month?

You will be charged once when you sign up to cover your first month. You won't be charged again until the 2nd after your first shipment. All subscriptions automatically renew on the 2nd of the month.  

When will my posters ship and when can I expect to receive them? 

We aim to have your posters to you during the last week of the month. For example, you will receive your April posters the last week of March. Posters ship from our printer in France directly to your home. You will receive an email when they have shipped. This takes 10-14 days around the world.

Is your paper environmentally friendly?

Yes! Our paper is solvent-free and sustainable. The printer we use has the following certifications; The Forest Stewardship Council, Program for the Endorsement of Forest Certification, FSC Chain-of-Custody, European eco-friendly label, PEFC Chain-of-Custody, EMAS and more. 

Who is your designer?

Amanda Jane Jones designs our posters. You can see her work at and on her instagram @amandajanejones

What size are the posters?

26 inches X 18.7 Inches

How do I hang my posters?

Our first posters were hung with masking tape. But we have slightly upgraded to these clips, prettier tape and we love these wooden poster hangers. You can see specific examples on our How to Hang page.

How do I cancel?

You can login to your account and cancel right here on our website.