A hopeful step.

When the Come, Follow Me curriculum was released by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints I wanted nothing more than to have gospel conversations and questions become a part of our family culture. But between sleep schedules (or the lack thereof), making dinner, kissing owies, laundry (oh, the laundry!) and 1 million other things, I kept forgetting. I would pick up my phone to go to the lesson, get distracted and go right back to square -1. 

One Sunday, like many Sundays before, I came home renewed and wanting to do better. I took my sons large roll of art paper, wrote the lesson with a sharpie and taped it on my wall with masking tape. When we would sit down for dinner, it was still there, right in our faces and we ended up having gospel conversations at dinner more often than not and the the spirit more present in our home. One day, I still hope to prepare a thoughtful lesson for my family- but during this season of my life, starting the conversation is a step toward having a more gospel centered home. 

Maybe you are in the same season. 


Amy Jo